About Us


We have owned and operated a Commercial Rubber Stamp, embossing Seal and sign company in New York for the last 15 years. About 2 years ago a customer asked us to exchange their lion head seal embossers for the more modern electrical type. The customer did not have any use for the old seals anymore and told us “we can have them”.  It seemed a shame to just throw them away.  They were ornate and had a certain appeal.  So we did some research by reviewing patent documents to try to determine when these embossers were made, and by whom, and if there was any value to them.  We spent many hours trying to take apart and put the seals back together again, as well as how can we change the text and images of the embossing dies and counters of these seals for current use.


Don and I started a new venture together called Antique Seal Press. Our company buys and sells antique seal presses as well as other vintage office collectables throughout the United States and Internationally . After a 6 month effort tinkering in the workshop, we have sourced the required tools, dies, molds as well as raw materials. We are able to change the embossing seal die plates on most seal presses, replacing the dies with current text and images. These new plates then make great impressions each and every time. These retooled and repaired seal presses make great gifts or can be used again by agencies and organizations.

Take a look at the workshop below: