Buying an Antique Seal Press


Buying an Antique Seal Press with a New Die and Counter

Antique Seal Press has access to the widest selection of vintage seal presses. We have made many of these embossing seals available for the first time to both collectors, and users of these presses. Due to their scarcity, and the fact they have not been manufactured in the last 70 years,they are being produced in limited quantities and are a true rarity as a unique office collectable.

We have created an easy, simplified ordering process:

Select a Seal Body

View the seal press sample section of our website, which includes different seal presses and prices. Select the press of your choice.

(Keep in mind these prices do not include the creation of the customized impression, just the cost of the seal body)

For a more extensive selection of Embossing Seal Presses selection please view:

Seal Press Collector                 Seal Press Information

These informative guides give you a tremendous amount of choices, as well as historical information on the different seal presses available.

(Please note we do not list prices for these seals as many of them are collector’s items and expensive)

Let us know which press is of interest and we will respond if it is available and at what price

Customized Image

Email us the artwork and/or text that you would like to have on your seal press.

Please include point size of text, as well as whether you want the seal to emboss from the right side, left side top or bottom of the paper.

We will respond back as to whether we can create the image on a seal press and what the price would be.

After receiving payment we will retool and refurbish the antique seal as well as create a new die and counter with your desired image.

Production takes about 3 to 6 weeks from the time the proof is approved and payment received.