I found a few old seal presses at an estate sale and want to find out how much they are worth?

Well it could be worth as little as $10 or as much at $5,000. Send us a photo and we’ll appraise it for you. We know of many collectors looking for new seals as well as our company looking to buy seals for us to refurbish and sell.


I want to buy my husband an antique Embossing seal for his birthday, how do I proceed?

Look at the samples for sale on our website and send us an image of what you want the seal press to say. It’s that simple. If you really want to impress him, take a look at the collectors guide or seal press information section and purchase a rare unique seal press which we can customize for you. These are once in a lifetime acquisitions that will be cherished forever.


We are an agency with old presses that are not making the best of impressions. Can you help us?

We can surely try. We do not charge for appraisals and will give you an estimate if we can do the assignment. We have done work for Government Agencies, Embassies, Lodges, Museums, Fraternities, Sororities, and many other Organizations.


Can I trade in my old seal presses for an electronic embosser?

Absolutely. Take a look at Electronic Seals on our website. We can offer you a credit for a trade in on your seal press based upon its value.


We are doing a movie shoot and need a few antique office seals to rent for a few days? Can you help us with this?

Yes. As a New York City business we get these requests from time to time and we are always happy to accommodate. We take great pleasure in viewing our Seal Presses on different movies. They can really make a difference in creating a mood, or a prop which subtly takes the viewer back to a time in the past. They have appeared on screen – in courtroom scenes, attorney offices, Banks, etc.


Can I you find a particular seal press for me?

Trade in Press for Electronic Seal

Many companies, organizations, or government agencies may have old seal presses that are used on a regular basis. Due to wear and tear and the test of time, these presses may become difficult to operate and very hard to make an impression. We will give you a credit for your old press and offer a modern electric motorized seal.